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Poly-MVA is now being recommended for patient use by doctors in United States & 9 Foreign Countries. It has been approved for usage in Mexico. Poly-MVA is a new, nontoxic, powerful antioxidant formula that protects both cell DNA and RNA. The use of this natural substance which helps to “fix the cell” and control the cancer, rather than “fight the cancer” by poisoning the system, has clearly demonstrated safe antitumoral activity. Compared to chemotherapy, Poly-MVA offers an alternative, extremely powerful, treatment.

Girl Beats Cancer After Unconventional Treatment
Girl's family travels to Mexico for Poly-MVA treatment - October 29, 2003. After doctors told the McClungs that Josslyn had pilocytic astrocytoma -- a rare brain cancer -- the family started looking for treatment. They found an experimental supplement, called Poly-MVA, which was being offered as a treatment in Mexico. The family went to Mexico to get the treatment for Josslyn.


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